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Search Inside Files For A Keyword In Linux

To find files containing a search term or a keyword, we can use the command called grep, using which you can use to find the lines inside any file or a list of files.

grep -i -n ‘<keyword or search term>’ *

Installing RPM Files In Ubuntu Using Alien

You can install RPM files in Ubuntu using alien. Install alien from the Ubuntu Universe repository by doing:

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install alien

Installing the .rpm fileTo install the .rpm file, you first need to convert it to a .deb file which can be installed on Ubuntu.I assume that you downloaded the package to your Desktop (~/Desktop is the directory)You can convert the .rpm to a .deb by using the following commands.

$cd ~/Desktop

This will change the directory to your desktop, where you have the .rpm file.

$sudo alien -k name-of-rpm-file.rpm

This will convert the .rpm to a .deb.- The “-k” will keep the version number. Otherwise alien adds a “1″ to the version number.- Tip: Use Smart Tab Completion to avoid mistyping the file names

$sudo dpkg -i name-of-deb-file.deb

This will install the .deb package

Try reading the alien manpage for more details.

Checkinstall – Make a deb file from source

Whenever you install software from source, I Highly Recommend using “checkinstall” instead of “make install” during the final step of compilation. (ie ./configure && make && checkinstall)

Checkinstall will take the newly compiled program, create a debian package file (deb file) for it, and install it via APT so that the programme will appear in synaptic just like any other package. This will make it easier to uninstall any program that was installed from source.

The checkinstall program is not installed by default on ubuntu. Install checkinstall from synaptic or type 

sudo apt-get install checkinstall 

from the terminal.