Installing RPM Files In Ubuntu Using Alien

You can install RPM files in Ubuntu using alien. Install alien from the Ubuntu Universe repository by doing:

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install alien

Installing the .rpm fileTo install the .rpm file, you first need to convert it to a .deb file which can be installed on Ubuntu.I assume that you downloaded the package to your Desktop (~/Desktop is the directory)You can convert the .rpm to a .deb by using the following commands.

$cd ~/Desktop

This will change the directory to your desktop, where you have the .rpm file.

$sudo alien -k name-of-rpm-file.rpm

This will convert the .rpm to a .deb.- The “-k” will keep the version number. Otherwise alien adds a “1″ to the version number.- Tip: Use Smart Tab Completion to avoid mistyping the file names

$sudo dpkg -i name-of-deb-file.deb

This will install the .deb package

Try reading the alien manpage for more details.


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